• Margarita — Hey, sometimes you want to be loud and bold and let them know who's boss! Bright chartreuse stands out in the water and says "bite me!"
  • Midnight Mojo — The pro's go-to color for almost any water conditions. TheMidnight Mojo casts an eerie and enticing shadow to lure fish in.
  • Junebug Copperhead — Doomsday's exclusive design...deep purple top and green flakes with rich copper bottom!
  • Pumpkin — year-round favorite. The two-tone earthy green with gold speckles is irresistible!
  • Red Devil — Proven highly effective in salt water for fishing redfish, but a whole bunch of angry bass prove this one works too!
  • Watermelon — What fish doesn't fall prey to the classic watermelon color combination? Always good to have a handful in your bag.